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Andy Gray is the dog loving creator of The Farmer’s Dog. He was born and raised on a working farm and has fed raw meat to the dogs he has trained and worked with his whole life. Sheepdogs, terriers, pointers, setters and lurchers have thrived on a raw meat diet. The slow digestibility of meat, rather than the quick-burst energy delivered by dry foods, has made them easy to train and work.

Having started on-farm butchery and meat processing, Andy realised the potential to use various cuts of meat to produce a delicious and nutritious pure raw dog food packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, and created The Farmer’s Dog in 2016. With the addition of two new directors, Brian Balston and Fred Morris, the dog mad trio decided to combine their many years of farming and meat processing expertise to introduce a quality minced food product for working dogs.


Nutritious – Natural – Healthy – Tasty

Today our ethos is to promote the health benefits of a raw diet and inspire a healthier way to feed your dog by producing the best quality products to ensure your dog’s body thrives inside and out on our natural, pure, raw dog food.

Our farming background has instilled a passion for dogs, their welfare and the environment. We are committed to sustainable development and we are devoted to creating a genuine raw dog food that will surpass customer expectations. We strive to achieve perfection at every level so you can be assured of exceptional service and peace of mind knowing that what you are feeding your dog is having a positive impact on their well-being and longevity.

Our factory is on a farm in the heart of Mid Devon where we have made a substantial investment in our purpose-built manufacturing premises which has enabled us to gain full DEFRA (APHA) approval.


Growth and Development Project
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Prestige raw food, at a very reasonable price

This is a prestige raw food, at a very reasonable price !
Every Chubb stick is packed full of essential meaty goodness in every bite.
The boredom busters, such as the Venison necks and Marrow bones are a pure godsend to keep your dog, both mentally and physically healthy.

Josephine Pinfold

High quality dog food

High quality dog food that keeps my four working cockers in fantastic shape! They absolutely love it! Have recommended to so many friends, fantastic price too!

Tash Poddubecki

Our dog loves this food

Speedy delivery, well packaged, our dog loves this food and enjoys all the varieties. She can’t wait for dinner times and is full of energy. Her coat is in the best condition it’s been in for years!

Lindsey Wills

It’s great quality

Very pleased to be able to get this lovely dog food delivered to our front door and not just when visiting family in Devon! It’s great quality and the flavours are appreciated by our dog she couldn’t keep her nose out the freezer as I unpacked it all

Emma Sian Gingell

How much raw food does my dog need?

Just like us, dogs require different amounts of food depending on how active they are. Only you can determine the correct amount to maintain a healthy weight for your dog. Please remember these are guideline weights for adult dogs only, puppies require different percentages according to their age..

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