We have partnered with Doglost to help us reunite dogs with their owners. We can’t think of anything more heartwrenching than having your four-legged friend missing. We have paired with DogLost to support those whose dogs have been lost or stolen to reunite them with their families.

With dog ownership in the UK at an all-time high, unfortunately so is dog theft. Last year DogLost had 465 reported thefts and to date in 2021 254 reported stolen.

DogLost is a organisation run solely by volunteers to help bring lost and stolen dogs home. In recent times they have been overwhelmed with requests by grief-stricken owners who have reported their canine companions either lost or stolen. Penalties for dog-theft remain low so thieves are becoming more brazen with reports of dogs stolen from outside shops and even direct from owner’s gardens.

Have you seen these dogs?

If you have seen any of these dogs please contact DogLost directly.