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Dogs love The Farmer’s Dog Food

We're proud of our pure, raw dog food and are happy to say our customers and their four-legged friends love it as much as we do.

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What Our Customers Say



I started using The Farmer's Dog last month, good value for money and Dylan Loves it. Great range of products too!

Sue O'Neill



I heard about The Farmer’s Dog raw dog food from a friend, we decided to try it, I ordered 16 chubs of mixed food on Tuesday morning and my order arrived Wednesday afternoon, I’m very impressed by the speed of placing the order to its arrival. The food itself is great Max (our Boxer) absolutely loved his new food, he ate the 2 chubs of venison in one go, he usually leaves some for just before bedtime. I can safely say we will be ordering more ...... great stuff.

Jim Milne



Although I've been feeding my dog raw for a while, I switched to Farmer’s Dog, a couple of months ago. My dog really loves it. My most recent delivery was my first order direct from Farmer’s dog. Arrived the next day as promised with an hour slot window sent ahead of time. Packaged perfectly, came in 2 smaller boxes, which was ideal for me as I struggle moving things at the moment. Great service and thank you.

Sandra Llamosa



Our puppy Po LOVES his The Farmer’s Dog UK raw food. Genuinely gobbles it up in seconds 3 times a day! I had done a lot of research on feeding raw before picking him up at 8 weeks old, and felt it was the right route to go, and it has 100% proved to be a great option for him. Excellent quality, and I am really happy with it. Po is too!

Emma Dixon


Luna and Lucy

Our dogs tried raw food for the first time and they loved it! "I absolutely love my new raw food diet! Delivery is so quick and the variety in this starter box is brilliant. This week I will be having chicken, next week beef and then lamb."

Lottie Ridgway



Well what can I say, my dog is 6 month old, tried wet and dry food, her poo wasn’t that great and she lost interest in it very quickly, now she gets raw food for about 4 weeks and she loves it, everything has improved, she is also not that bouncy anymore like kids after a lot of sugar. I am very pleased with it. The service is great, delivery always in time.

Guido Ernst



Nellie struggles with allergies so I’ve been searching for different protein but it’s very difficult as most include chicken or tripe, my husband happened to see an Instagram post with your food, so I gave it a try, the quality is amazing, Nellie was more interested than she is already and for a Labrador that’s a lot !!!! She nearly had the wrapper out of my hand, she really loved the pheasant and beef !! We are going to order more !! Great product and quality !! One happy Labrador and her mum.

Sarah Taylor



Been feeding my pup on this for about 8 weeks now, she’s 15 weeks old and absolutely loves this raw roll of goodness. Delivery and the packaging is spot on. Couldn’t ask for anything better for her.

Sarah Spriggs



Our little puppy, Flynn, adores your raw food, he's always so excited to eat his meals!

Gemma Lock


Loki, Milo and Trix

We are new to Farmer’s Dog as our human dad got us 16 mixed chubs. At first we weren’t very sure of the lamb but we all hoovered up the beef, venison and chicken. We like the lamb too now. We have had raw before with our dry food but dad wanted us to have more raw. We are really happy he found Farmer’s Dog and we love our mixed chub box. We helped dad put our delivery in the freezer today. We’ve got venison for our tea tonight and as you can see we are watching him get it ready for us.

Chris Alexander


Ruby, Volt and Giggle

I have recently (last 3 months) swapped over to your food and my dogs love it, I was so impressed, I advised my daughter to start feeding her fussy dachshund with it, and he hasn’t refused a meal since, I have also just recommended it to two more people who have fussy eaters, and their dogs have also wolfed it down and are also now Farmer’s Dog fed. Great food, great price, quick and hassle-free delivery and happy dogs, thank you from Ruby, Volt and Giggle.

Jennine Day


Betty and Dexter

Just had my first delivery, great communication, fast delivery, great packaging. Never seen my dogs eat their food so fast, they love it hopefully will help with allergies.

Carol Huxham

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