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Our pure, raw dog food is created from 100% British human grade meat, we have taken our time to perfect our recipes, creating a range of raw chubs which are the perfect foundation for any raw diet.

Alongside the range of chubs is our range of raw bones, the perfect addition to a raw diet.

Chub Type Ingredients Moisture Crude Protein Crude Oils & Fats Crude Ash Artificial Additives
Beef ChubMade with 80% Beef (Meat & Heart), 10% Ground Bone, 5% Liver, 5% Kidney61.9%15.7%16.5%0.9%No Additives
Chicken ChubMade with Ground Meaty Chicken Carcass (No Offal)69.6%17.4%8.2%3.2%No Additives
Lamb ChubMade with 80% Lamb (Meat & Heart), 10% Ground Bone, 5% Lamb Liver, 5% Lamb Kidney60.9%15.3%19.4%1.4%No Additves
Venison ChubMade with 90% Venison (Meat & Heart), 10% Ground Bone (No Offal). *Please note because this product is wild it may contain shot.70.5%18.8%9.1%1.0%No Additives
Venison & Goose ChubMade with Wild Venison & Whole Goose 90%, Bone 10% (No Offal)63.9%20.7%12.5%2.6%No Additives
Pheasant & Beef ChubPheasant & Beef Meat 90%, Bone 10% (No Offal). *Please note because the pheasant is wild it may contain shot68.0%17.3%10.6%1.5%No Additives
Goose & Beef ChubMade with Beef Meat & Heart, Whole Goose 80%, Bone 10%, Beef Liver 5%, Beef Kidney 5%65.4%15.7%16.53%2.2%No Additives

Pure, Raw Dog Food

Not sure how much raw food to feed? Use our helpful calculator here to find out how much your dog needs on a daily basis.

Raw Feed Calculator

*These are guideline weights for adult dogs only; puppies require different percentages according to their age.

100% British Meat

Approved by Dogs!

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