Pure, Raw Dog Food
Made In Devon

Dog Food the Way it's Meant to Be

We love dogs, and we are passionate about feeding dogs healthy food that we know they will love but is also packed full of natural essential vitamins and minerals.

The Farmer’s Dog believes simplicity is key to feeding a successful raw diet. We keep it simple by measuring out a healthy balance of raw meat, offal, and ground bone enabling you to give your dog delicious and nutritious food tailored to their individual tastes and health needs.

Our pure, raw dog food, created using high-quality 100% British human-grade meat, made on our Devon farm.


Raw Dog Food

Our raw dog food has nothing
added or taken away, perfectly
balanced mixes created for dogs.


Raw Bones

A raw diet wouldn’t be complete
without nutrient rich raw bones,
filled with essential elements.


Feeding guide

Just like us, dogs require different amounts of food depending on breed, size, activity level, and general health.

100% British Meat

Approved by Dogs!

Recyclable packaging

Frozen to keep all
the goodness and flavour in!

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What Our Customers Say


Betty and Dexter

Just had my first delivery, great communication, fast delivery, great packaging. Never seen my dogs eat their food so fast, they love it hopefully will help with allergies.

Carol Huxham


Ruby, Volt and Giggle

I have recently (last 3 months) swapped over to your food and my dogs love it, I was so impressed, I advised my daughter to start feeding her fussy dachshund with it, and he hasn’t refused a meal since, I have also just recommended it to two more people who have fussy eaters, and their dogs have also wolfed it down and are also now Farmer’s Dog fed. Great food, great price, quick and hassle-free delivery and happy dogs, thank you from Ruby, Volt and Giggle.

Jennine Day


Loki, Milo and Trix

We are new to Farmer’s Dog as our human dad got us 16 mixed chubs. At first we weren’t very sure of the lamb but we all hoovered up the beef, venison and chicken. We like the lamb too now. We have had raw before with our dry food but dad wanted us to have more raw. We are really happy he found Farmer’s Dog and we love our mixed chub box. We helped dad put our delivery in the freezer today. We’ve got venison for our tea tonight and as you can see we are watching him get it ready for us.

Chris Alexander

Why Raw

Why Feed Raw?

Raw feeding is not a new idea, canines have come up with it all by themselves; it is their species-appropriate way of feeding, which has been around since the dawn of time.


100% Pure Wool Box Lining - Reusable - Recyclable - Compostable

Eco friendly packaging

The Farmer's Dog is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint which is why we use sustainable Woolcool® liners to keep your four-legged friend's raw food frozen while on route.


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