Is this the luckiest dog around?

The Farmers Dog

Well probably not, but he’s heading that way. If he was a child his father would be Willy Wonka and he would live in a restaurant on a theme park and be chauffeur driven in an Aston Martin, have a cinema to use as his Play Station and fizzy drinks on tap. This is Stanley…

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Raw feeding, a personal perspective

Raw Feeding

Why feed raw? To me, that’s a daft question, I always have. The real question is why use dry dog food or over processed dog food. I have always fed raw meat to my dogs and my family’s dogs. Maybe a tiny bit of dried, for the crunch, as my grandmother used to say, when…

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Delivery Update

Given the increasing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to reassure our customers about the steps we’ve been taking to ensure we stay open for business. We have connected our phone systems to staff remotely which means we can continue to provide customer service with no compromise to security or quality plus our staff are…

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