Feeding Puppies our Premium Raw Dog Food

Feeding Puppies our Premium Raw Dog Food

Feeding Puppies our Premium Raw Dog Food

Puppies thrive on a diet of fresh, wholefood nutrition, and our premium raw dog food provides just that. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the optimal times to wean a puppy, the appropriate quantities to feed them, and suitable raw meaty bones for a balanced diet.

Switching Your New Puppy to Raw Food

Bringing home a puppy aged 8-10 weeks presents a great opportunity to switch from processed weaning foods to a raw diet. It's a safe and healthy choice, especially with The Farmer's Dog chubs, a Defra registered and reputable raw food brand known for our strict quality control in all our products.


Guidelines on How Much to Feed

Following the % of body weight rule is the simplest way to determine your puppy's food intake. Our guidelines include:

  • 10% to 8% of body weight until four months old, divided into three meals a day.
  • Gradually reducing to 4%-3% at nine months of age, still in three meals.
  • A final aim of 2-3% for large to medium dogs, and 4% for small dogs at one year, fed once or twice daily.

This approach is adaptable to your pup's activity level and metabolism. If you're concerned about your puppy's weight, our team is on hand to offer tailored nutrition advice.


Quick View amounts – as a Guide Only

1kg (at 10%) is 100gms – 1/4 of a chub daily
2kg (at 8%) is 160gms – around 1/3 of a chub daily
3kg (at 8%) is 240gms – just over ½ of a chub daily
4kg (at 8%) is 320gms – just over ¾ of a chub daily
5kg (at 6%) is 300gm – 3/4 of a chub daily
8kg (at 6%) is 480gm – almost 1 and ¼ of a chub daily
12kg (at 4%) is 480gm – almost 1 and ¼ of a chub daily
Calculations are based on 400gm standard chubs.


Embracing a DIY Raw Dog Food Diet

Each product from The Farmer's Dog offers the flexibility to create a custom, home-made raw food diet.

What to include
Each of The Farmer's Dog products are separate products that can be used to make up what is commonly called a DIY raw dog food diet, essentially a home-made raw food diet.

Meat Minces
All of the minces can be included in your pup's raw menu, in fact we would encourage you to include a variety of proteins from a young age to build your dog’s range of tastes and also their vital microbiome (gut health) diversity.
Feeding a variety of proteins also ensures a variety of different nutrients are fed, as each meat holds a unique set of amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals. This is a vital step in achieving a balanced diet.

Treats and Meaty Bones
Our raw chicken wings and venison necks are suitable raw meaty bones for your new pup. You will be able to include them as part of a home-made DIY raw dog food diet. Even a puppy has strong stomach acid, able to break-down and digest these softer types of bones that have meaty sections still attached to them.
(Please be aware if you are feeding a Brachycephalic breed you may need to wait longer before considering meaty bones in the diet.)

Vegetables and Offal
Your puppy will need around 10% of their daily feed as Offal, Liver & Kidney are often the easiest and is already included in some of our Chubs.
Please see our blog Does my dog need fruit or vegetables? to gain an understanding of what to put with the meat. Do not adjust meal weight for vegetables or supergreen powders as only small amounts are needed.

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