The number one food your dog should be eating!

The number one food your dog should be eating!

Not many foods can pack as much nourishment per gram as Bone Broth.

Packed with nutrients in super easy to digest molecules and tasting hearty and delicious, it’s no wonder it is taking the dog world by storm. Dogs absolutely adore it, and they are becoming super healthy on it too.

The simmering process of creating bone broth breaks down the elements, meaning wonderful amino acids like Proline, L-Glutamine and Glycine become available for easy absorption and once absorbed head off into the body to repair joint tissue and the intestinal walls related to the much discussed leaky gut syndrome.

How much Bone Broth does my dog need?
Bone Broth is a food, and so there are no specific dosages. Whether you add the usual couple of spoonfuls a day, or your dog accidently laps up the lot, all will be well. Although they may be a little fuller that day!
Adding Bone Broth as a meal topper is the most common way of adding Bone Broth to meals.
You can defrost and re-freeze it in an ice cube tray, adding a cube a day to your dog’s raw meals as they defrost. The powdered versions mean you do not even need space in your fridge or freezer; the nutritional elements remain as good, and a quality powdered Bone Broth will always blend well with warm water back into a delicious Broth.

Which ailments can Bone Broth help with?
Bone Broth is a must for all dogs, as a tonic, a superfood and well, just to make them happy!
However it is also well known for supporting improvements in:

  • Itchy skin
  • Allergies or Intolerances
  • Leaky Gut
  • Digestive issues
  • Joint repair
  • Even brighter eyes and less yeasty ears

The answer for Fussy Dogs?
Try adding a little warm* Bone Broth to your dog’s meals, whether they are eating processed food or fresh food, Bone Broth always does the trick! Slightly warmed up it smells divine; you’d better watch next door’s dog doesn’t turn up with a begging bowl too!
(*always be careful it’s not too hot when feeding it)

Does Bone Broth provide Calcium?
Bone Broth provides dogs with a powerhouse of collagen and repair nutrients, including many vitamins (K, A & D), omega fatty acids as well as minerals such as manganese, boron and selenium. It does also contain a small amount of calcium.

At The Farmer’s Dog we offer Bone Broth in 500ml packs which you can defrost, divide into ice cube trays and then refreeze. These become handy daily portions to defrost and serve easily.
Find our Bone Broth & Chub Multi Box here

We are working the Bone Broth being available to add as a single product to chub boxes.

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