Meeting our local Holistic Vet

Meeting our local Holistic Vet

We had a lovely visit today from our local holistic vet, Dr Vicky Simon.

Holistic vets offer complementary therapies and choices for dogs, cats and almost all pets to support them on their healing journey with choices such as herbalism, acupuncture (traditional, not simply pain relief), homeopathy, chiropractic care and even titer VacciChecks to avoid over-vaccination.

Holistic vets act primarily as referral vets so you can ask your traditional vet for a referral, or with some holistic vets you can simply book a consultation yourself.

There are lots of holistic vets across the UK. They generally do not run veterinary surgeries that you can sign up to as ‘your vets’. However, there are a few holistic vet surgeries you can join, known as Integrative Veterinary Surgeries. One well-known Integrative Vets is Towerwood in Leeds, with others being Wylie’s in Essex and The Natural Vet (formally Vet Creche) in Glasgow.

Occasionally holistic vets offer online appointments too; one such vet is the brilliant Vince the Vet who can help you and your pet wherever you are in the UK.

Nutrition is biochemistry, and with the growing volume of studies highlighting the value of feeding fresh food to dogs in ailment recovery, reduction and prevention, it is no surprise that holistic vets rank switching your dog to a fresh diet as their number one healing modality, even before any treatments or therapies are considered.

Dr Vicky was really pleased to discover our products are created from locally sourced and grass-fed animals. Commenting, “Sourcing is really important, and possibly the first thing I would look at when choosing a raw food brand for my own dogs. I also know many of my clients look for the same.”

You can look forward to watching some great videos from Vicky the Vet on hot topics in fresh feeding and raw dog food, such as feeding raw meaty bones safely, getting the balance right and the myths and truths on bacteria in raw dog food. We will be sharing them with you over the summer.

In the meantime, if you would like support finding a holistic vet near to you, our Nutrition Consultant may be able to help you find one. Ask us anytime via our social media pages or via our website ‘Contact Us’ page.

Some useful links include:  (Raw Feeding Vet Society)  (Homeopathic Vets) (Chiropractic care) (Veterinary Acupuncture)

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