What you will love about our Tripe!

What you will love about our Tripe!
Tripe could well be the meal your dog’s been waiting for.

In a chunky blend our tripe couldn’t be more perfect really.
> It’s a bone-free mince, yet still with a perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio,
> It’s packed with gut-loving microbiome balancing B vitamins,
> It has lots of stomach-supporting vitamin B12,
> It contains good amounts of iron, selenium and even zinc, which can be lower in most other meats,
> It’s a go-to for fussy dogs, or younger dogs going through the common fussy stage.

How to Feed Tripe
You can mix tripe with any of our minces, feed it on its own or add some as a topper to tempt dogs to eat their supplements or medication. If feeding tripe on its own be sure to add in offal to your dog’s menu 3 x week too, from one of our Offal Chubs.
You will likely need to add a mince with more bone too to ensure your dog’s stool firms nicely, or offer raw meaty bones alongside the tripe to bring up the bone content.
You may find you can feed a menu of tripe with supplements or additions for one meal of the day, then raw meaty bones the other meal.
It is safe to play around with the bone content a little to reach the amount of bone that works for your dog as an individual. Don’t forget that white poo is normal and safe, though constipation is not of course. Drier stools crumble back into the earth more easily, harbour less bacteria and are less smelly to collect.

We recognise that tripe is not known for its enticing smell. However we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at our tripe, which is strong enough to tempt even the fussiest of dogs, but not enough to upset our lesser, human nostrils.
You can add tripe to any of our box sizes and enjoy 10% off each order by subscribing too.

Does Tripe contain Histamine?
It does contain a little, however unless your dog has a histamine intolerance, characterised by very hot, pink or red skin and often hives too, the benefits of tripe for the gut, skin and allergies outweigh the concern of histamine.
Our tripe is pure, green Beef Tripe, so not suitable for dogs with beef intolerances.

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